Mazda Motor Corporation made a  big announcement last week that – as of November 2014 – an astounding three million Mazda6 (aka the Mazda Atenza) units have been produced, a mere 12 years and nine months after the initial Mazda6 was born.

This is the second fastest Mazda model to break the stellar record, which was reached by the Mazda3 (Mazda Axela) even faster. With three million Mazda6 models produced in addition to the Mazda3, Mazda can easily call itself one of the world’s top car providers.

Three Million Mazda6 Models ProducedWhile the current Mazda6 model received an update in 2012, a new Mazda6 is set to hit the market this year starting in Japan and the United States. According to Mazda, the updated Mazda6 boasts “new levels of depth and maturity,” with “enhanced dynamic performance for a more comfortable, higher-quality ride.”

The 2015 Mazda6 will also have the Mazda Connect new-generation system, as well as the i-ACTIVESENSE program, ensuring that the vehicle is top-of-the-line when it comes to safety and app technologies.

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