Best Barbecue Recipes for the Summer Months

Trying a new barbecue recipe is one way to start a new tradition, whether it’s with your family or the whole neighborhood. Experienced and aspiring chefs alike can enjoy the thrill of finding something new. Your taste buds might even thank you. Here at Parks Select Auto, we have the best summer barbecue recipes that will make you the star of any family gathering!

Best Barbecue Recipes

  • Spicy Grilled Shrimp – To make a dish of spicy grilled shrimp, you’ll need extra-virgin olive oil, thinly sliced garlic, celery seed, crushed red pepper flakes, whole-grain mustard, large easy-peel shrimp, kosher salt, lemons, and ground black pepper. To start, combine the oil, garlic, celery seed, and red pepper flakes in a single saucepan. Cook it on medium heat while stirring. Add mustard then move the mixture to another bowl. Throw in some sliced lemon, as well as the shrimp, then season with salt and black pepper. Refrigerate the entire bowl for at least 15 minutes. Cook the shrimp and lemon slices on the grill on medium-high heat. Squeeze some lemon juice over the shrimp. Add chives for extra effect.
  • Classic Cheeseburger – To make a perfect classic cheeseburger, you need fresh 80% lean ground chuck, sharp yellow cheddar cheese, a fresh tomato, raw red onion, and ketchup. Cool the meat on the grill to your liking. Brush a soft hamburger bun with butter then toast it. Add the other ingredients then add the meat as the final step to avoid making the bun soggy.

These are just two examples of some incredible dishes you could enjoy this summer. Have any recipes of your own? Don’t be shy! We need to share more so the worlds taste-buds can be satisfied!


Great Summer Activities to Pass the Time

Taking a summer vacation is one way to make the season memorable but staying at home, kicking back, and relaxing is another. Not every summer has to feature a new adventure and relaxing can be the best way to spend the season. We here at Parks Select Auto have some of great summer activities to make this summer the best yet!

Great Summer Activities


  • Swimming – One of the most obvious ways to spend summer is spending some time in the water. Whether you’re on a lake or at the local swimming pool, it’s a great way to beat the summer heat. If you have a local swimming hole nearby, its likely less crowded which means there’s more space for families. Make sure to watch the kids!
  • Grilling – Coming up with or trying out a new recipe is a great way to make summer a little more interesting. Whether its a few simple steps or something complicated, throw a slab of meat on the grill and get to work! Your taste buds will thank you.
  • Party – When all else fails, throw a party in your backyard. Whether it’s for the whole family or the neighborhood, everyone enjoys a good summer bash! You could even ask everyone to bring a dish to avoid spending too much money.

Do you have any incredible activities your family and friends enjoy doing during the warm months? If so let us know below!