The 2016 CX-3 Design is Powerful and Efficient

2016 CX-3 design

Mazda is starting engine production at a new power-train plant in Thailand, which it has named the Mazda Power-train Manufacturing Company. This new production base for SKYACTIV engines was created in response to an Eco-Car program created by the Thai government, which rewards tax breaks to fuel-efficient vehicles, such as the CX-3.

Speaking of-the new 2016 CX-3 design comes with a powerful but efficient engine with the high-tech SKYACTIV system. This compact SUV is one of Mazda’s most powerful, according to Automotive World, giving drivers the perfect combination of performance and practicality.

“Mazda is committed to producing vehicles in this country at the same high-quality level as we do in Japan, and delivering to market products that offer Mazda’s unique driving pleasure, in a timely manner,” said Kiyotaka Shobuda. “In doing so, we will further contribute to the development of the Thai automotive industry and enhance the Mazda brand.”

The new manufacturing plant is designed to assist production of the new CX-3 model, starting at $19,960 MSRP in the US. It also comes with three trim selections, as well as off-road and i-ACTIVE all-wheel drive options.




Mazda Earns Three German Design Awards

German Design Awards

Mazdas are some of the most beautifully designed vehicles on the road. When a Mazda drives by, heads are sure to turn because those automobiles feature unique lines that are sure to be recognized.

According to a press release, Mazda earned three German Design Awards in three different categories. That’s impressive.

The awards, which were part of the Automotive Brand Contest, celebrate achievements in product design and integration. All seen in Mazda’s design.

Mazda’s Global Design Team received one of the awards for their excellence in achievement.

The Bike by KODO Concept also received an award for its innovative design.

Finally, the newest member of the Mazda family, the Mazda CX-3, received an award for its excellent styling, both inside and out.

“We are very excited about the awards presented to the CX-3, the Bike by KODO Concept and especially our Global Design Team,” said Ikuo Maeda, Executive Officer and Design Chief of Mazda’s Design Division. “The entire team will continue to work to create dynamic and energetic designs that will excite our customers.”

We look forward to what Mazda designs next and also remember to visit Parks Mazda, so you can schedule a test drive in one of these beautifully designed vehicles.


Mazda6 Updates Improve, Year After Year

Mazda has been hard at work, making significant changes to several models in back-to-back years. For example, the Mazda6 gets a new interior in 2015, and new sheet metal in 2016 – all of this following a redesign in 2014.

The re-engineered 2015 Mazda6 will arrive at Parks Mazda and dealerships nationwide in the first quarter of next year. Mazda’s midsize sedan gets a new center console and a thinner dashboard that sits lower in the cabin. In addition, a new, thinner infotainment screen will sit on top of the dash, instead of within it. The overall interior design will more closely resemble the current Mazda3, and be more upscale than the current Mazda6.

2015 Mazda6 UpdatesMazda6 updates continue in 2016 with the addition of the Mazda Connect infotainment system that has debuted on the Mazda3. A new front fascia including LED headlights will also make its way, along with sheet metal updates.

Mazda says it’s currently in the middle of its sixth generation product, which is defined by the deployment of its SKYACTIV vehicle platform and powertrain and its new “kodo” design language. The seventh generation will be marked by the roll out of all-new platforms and sheet metal for all of its cars over a five to six year period, beginning in 2018 with a redesigned Mazda3.

Learn more about the future of each Mazda model over at autonews.com.


Mazda MX-5 Miata 25th Anniversary display at NYAIS is a dream come true

25 years ago Mazda introduced the MX-5 Miata, making this year’s New York Auto Show a special one for the Mazda family. To celebrate this milestone, Mazda put together a large display of MX-5’s from throughout the years. Some of the cars in the display are the Super20 Concept, Club Racer from the 1989 Chicago Auto Show, M-Speedster from the 1995 Chicago show, and the M Coupe from the 1996 New York Auto Show. You can see the pictures here courtesy of Autoblog.

Also on display at the Auto Show is the next-generation  SKYACTIV chassis that will boast 220 pounds shed from the previous generation. For some of the trim levels this will bring the MX-5 back to under the ever elusive 2,000-lb figure. Mazda states that even with the weight-loss that this chassis achieves more rigidity than that of previous years.

A release date for the next-generation MX-5 has yet to be released, but rest assure that when the news is leaked that we will bring all the information straight to you! In the meantime in order to satisfy your Miata obsession come on down to Parks Mazda to test drive one today.


Meet the Skyactiv-Hybrid

Mazda’s exhibit at the Toyko Motor Show was all about fuel efficiency as it introduced the new Mazda3 Skyactiv-Hybrid and CNG Concept.

The Skyactiv-Hybrid connects the 2.0-liter four-cylinder gas engine to an electric motor that helps it do of the work at low engine speeds and under load-load conditions. This allows it to achieve an incredible estimated 74 miles per gallon while still outputting around 134 horsepower. Needless to say, we were all impressed at Parks Mazda.

The CNG Concept, on the other hand, uses a special dual fuel system that allows it to run on both gasoline and compressed natural gas. According to Mazda, because the Skyactiv-G gasoline engine already achieves a high compression ratio, it can be easily modified for CNG with only minor modifications.

Running on CNG typically reduces engine emissions by 20% compared to equivalent gasoline engines, so the benefits to the environment are clear, and we’re hoping Mazda will produce even more hybrid vehicles for the American market.


SKYACTIV Brings Mazda Back to Global Racing

Mazda has dialed up the competition by unveiling its latest creation, a factory-backed SKYACTIV-D Smart Diesel-powered racecar that will make its debut at the Rolex 24 at Dayton in January.

Not content with merely winning the 2013 Grand-Am GX Manufacturers Championship, Mazda is now looking to return to the global racing stage by challenging the best North America has to offer. The last time was when it won 24 Hours Le Mans in 1991.

This new racecar makes Mazda the only OEM racing with a diesel machine. The SKYACTIV-D Smart Diesel race engine is a true production-based engine and carry-over from the development work done with the Mazda6 GX-class racing cars, with the engine being 51% stock by parts count and 63% stock by weight. This is a transparent demonstration of the quality, durability, performance, and reliability of Mazda’s powerplants.

And this kind of quality is exactly why our customers at Parks Mazda always seem to find just what they’re looking for. Will you?