Mazda Unveils New Electronic Chassis System

Mazda is committed to always bringing the best of the best to its customers, and that means putting effort not only into big, obvious new features like the latest tech on the market and more powerful and efficient engines, but also considering the little things. The new Electronic Chassis System, recently revealed by the brand, is a result of Mazda’s efforts to make long-distance drives more comfortable while also reducing fatigue.

Electronic Chassis System

The trick to the Electronic Chassis System is to tweak the engine torque in order to put more weight on the front wheels. According to Mazda representatives, this small change improves cornering and maneuverability, as well as providing better overall ride comfort for drivers and passengers alike. The torque is monitored and distributed by the new G-Vectoring Control System, or GVC.


The GVC system isn’t the only effort Mazda is putting into improving the experience of riding in its vehicles. The company also has plans to develop more comfortable and firmer seats for passengers, and its research and development department is scheming ways to make the cabin more rigid. Putting more weight on the front wheels with the new Electronic Chassis System is just the first step of many.


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Family Fun at the All-a-Flutter Butterfly Farm

The All-a-Flutter butterfly farm offers visitors one of the most unique and fascinating experiences of a lifetime. The farm’s April through October season accepts field trips of more than 20 guests by appointment; however, throughout the summer, All-a-Flutter invites families to come into the farm on a walk-in basis on preset Family Show days, which are designated on the farm’s event calendar. That way, you can bring your whole family to the All-a-Flutter Farm to see their exhibit of beautiful butterflies and learn about their life cycle.


All-a-Flutter butterfly farm


Aside from the show itself, families are invited to use one of many picnic tables available for public use before and after the show, where you can eat lunch on the countryside while children play in the farm’s open, grassy fields. The Family Show presentation itself starts at 10:00am on Saturdays and invites audience members to participate in a skit about the biology, life cycles, and behavior of butterflies. Additionally, visitors are given sugar pads they can use to attract and feed the butterflies up close!


So give your family the opportunity to meet butterflies in person by planning an afternoon out learning about these beautiful insects at the All-a-Flutter Butterfly Farm. There’s fun to be had and sights to be seen by the whole family.