Decorating the Christmas tree is often a beloved holiday tradition for many families. And, for those families who opt for live trees, going out and picking out the tree each year can also be a source of nostalgia and camaraderie. Unfortunately, transporting said Christmas tree home can be a nuisance. Lucky for you, we at Parks Mazda know just how to secure a Christmas Tree to the roof of a car —and we even know the best car to do it with (cough cough CX-5 cough cough).

  1. Take measurements: Be sure you know how tall of a tree you can get before you leave the house. Bring the measuring tape with you as well, so you can measure any potential winner when you get to the tree farm.
  2. Wrap the tree, if it’s not already: Most places will provide netting for your Christmas tree, but if you are going to a location that does not offer that service, you’ll need to wrap the tree on your own. Typically, tarps or large, old blankets do well. Just shake out the loose needles first.
  3. Load the tree on top of your car: Putting the stump end at the front of the roof, tied down the tree using your roof racks and bungee cords. If your car doesn’t have roof racks, you can tie it down with rope. Do this through the car doors, not the windows.
  4. Take it on home: The hard part is over. Now you’ve just got to drive home carefully without losing the tree. As a courtesy to other drivers, be sure to mark the tip of your tree with a reflective flag if it hangs over the edge of the car by more than a few inches.

How to secure a christmas tree to the roof of a carMerry Christmas from all of us at Park Mazda!

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