When you think eco-friendly cars, you might think hybrids; however, some of the new materials used in sports cars like the Mazda Miata are also aimed at reducing environmental impact. The new 2015 model will feature new no-paint bioplastics, an innovative new feature which has us fascinated here at Parks Mazda.

The 2015 Mazda Miata materials will feature plastics made from plant-derived materials, which have several unique benefits. According to Mazda, these plastics are not made from petroleum and can be colored without the use of paint. Not only that, but the composite plastics are incredibly strong and lightweight, noted for their resistance to weather, scratch, and impact.

The Mazda Biotechmaterial department has managed to develop this plastic after several years of research. Although the company had developed the world’s first biofabric for seat upholstery, the bioplastic is some of the world’s first high-strength heat-resistant bioplastic that is suitable for the automotive industry.

Because this plastic is not made from petroleum, the company will ultimately reduce its oil consumption, especially if it decides to use the plastic in all models. Not only will this reduce the carbon footprint, but the fact that the plastic doesn’t need to be painted, thanks to a unique aspect of the manufacturing process, is another great step forward.

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