Odds are you’ve gotten into at least one discussion about how to pronounce difficult names of car brands. For example, should you say the final “e” in Porsche, the “y” in Hyundai, and the “u” in Jaguar? The answers you’ll get will all be different depending on where you live, though at Parks Mazda our answer is “yes” to all—and we’ll give you our reasoning, too!

Porsche is a German brand and named after Ferdinand Porsche. In German, the final “e” in the name is pronounced so as to make it sound like “Porsch-uh.” Though Hyundai’s US operations is happy to make its brand name sound like “Sunday,” the Korean (and we think correct) pronunciation emphasizes the y so that it sounds more like “Hugh-un-day.” Finally, Jaguar is a British brand, and as the guys on Top Gear will be happy to remind you, it’s pronounced more like “Jag-ewer.”

But what about a name like Mazda? Simple enough, right? As we’ve just learned from a new video that shows how to pronounce Japanese car brands, we’ve been wrong all along. Most of the brands sound like you’d expect them to—Nissan, Toyota, Suzuki, and the likes—but Mazda has an curious stress on the “z” so that it almost sounds like “Ma-dzu-da.” Interesting!Japanese Car Brands Mazda Miata MX-5

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