Many times, when auto experts go to big, exciting auto shows, they can get a little carried away and jump to a conclusion a moment too soon. You can’t really blame them—they’re surrounded by the brightest people and the coolest concepts in the industry they love—but every once in a while we’ve got to step back and make a correction to what the experts reported. When the Mazda Hazumi Concept debuted at the Geneva Motor Show, everyone—including us here at Parks Mazda—simply assumed that the concept prefigured the next-generation Mazda2.

However, a Mazda insider talked to Motor Trend and quickly changed everyone’s minds. “Sure, the Hazumi includes some direction towards the Mazda2, but it is also hinting at something other than a Mazda2,” the insider said, citing differences in the Hazumi’s width and wheelbase as evidence.

This new information makes the Hazumi Concept even more interesting than it already was. Last year, Mazda reveals they would release five new models by 2016. While we know about four of those new cars already, the fifth was a mystery until now. Motor Trend’s source revealed the mystery car will be an all-new global compact car model—and the slick Hazumi might just be the sneak peek we didn’t even know about.

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