Next Generation MAzda CX-9 to have turbocharged four cylinderMazda’s been slowly turning over the vehicles in their lineup, working steadily and sneakily to become a true premium-segment powerhouse. And they’re doing it in style so far—just check out the already announced new versions of both the Mazda2 and the MX-5. Now, Mazda will be rounding out the new generation of vehicles with a four-cylinder version of the CX-9, the brand’s stylish crossover SUV. The current version of the CX-9 is powered by a 3.7 V6 engine that cranks out 273 horsepower. Masahiro Moro, Mazda’s global head of sales and marketing, actually hinted the new CX-9 could feature either a four-cylinder turbocharged engine or even a straight-six cylinder engine when it hits the market sometime in the next two years; either way, the CX-9 will improve on both power and efficiency in the new model. “Turbocharging technology has improved a lot, but there’s a question on whether you add two more cylinders or add a turbocharger, which is cost effective and offers better performance,” Moro said. “You can make it bigger displacement with four-cylinder that is cost friendly. As long as you can get better fuel economy.” The upshot, loyal Parks Mazda blog readers, is that turbocharging technology has improved to such an extent that it’s simply a better option—both for the manufacturers and for you, the customers—than simply stuffing bigger engines under the hood. Make sure to check out the Mazda2 and MX-5 when they roll out later this year, and stay tuned for more CX-9 information soon!

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