25 years ago Mazda introduced the MX-5 Miata, making this year’s New York Auto Show a special one for the Mazda family. To celebrate this milestone, Mazda put together a large display of MX-5’s from throughout the years. Some of the cars in the display are the Super20 Concept, Club Racer from the 1989 Chicago Auto Show, M-Speedster from the 1995 Chicago show, and the M Coupe from the 1996 New York Auto Show. You can see the pictures here courtesy of Autoblog.

Also on display at the Auto Show is the next-generation  SKYACTIV chassis that will boast 220 pounds shed from the previous generation. For some of the trim levels this will bring the MX-5 back to under the ever elusive 2,000-lb figure. Mazda states that even with the weight-loss that this chassis achieves more rigidity than that of previous years.

A release date for the next-generation MX-5 has yet to be released, but rest assure that when the news is leaked that we will bring all the information straight to you! In the meantime in order to satisfy your Miata obsession come on down to Parks Mazda to test drive one today.

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