2014 mazda2


Mazda may be better known for its style and performance, but it shouldn’t be discarded in the fuel economy department either. According to the latest Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) “Trends” report, Mazda not only had the highest fleet-wide fuel economy last year but also the lowest emissions rate among the 11 largest automakers in the U.S.

Mazda won with a 27.5 mpg and 324 grams of CO2 per mile average, just ahead of Honda’s 2nd place 27 mpg and far ahead of Chrysler’s measly 21.6.

The most impressive bit is that Mazda doesn’t even build hybrid vehicles like most of its competitors. Instead, the company has decided to focus on making traditional combustion engines as efficient as possible with its new Skyactiv technology, so that its cars are not only economical but also fun to drive. Evidently, it’s doing something right.

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