2014 mazda3

Mazda will present the next-generation Mazda Connect car connectivity system at the 2014 International Consumers Electronics Show taking place between January 7th and January 10th.

Mazda Connect, which was recently launched in the all-new Mazda3, is designed to bring the convenience and appeal of smartphones into the car without compromising any of the driver’s and passengers’ safety.

Combined with Mazda’s Human Machine Interface design philosophy, which minimizes the amount of time the driver’s eyes are off the road when interacting with the in-car display, the latest Mazda models are set to be some of the safest vehicles on the market before their actual crash-worthiness is even tested.

Mazda will also be showcasing a new application platform designed to enable more App developers to create and offer applications for safe use in Mazda vehicles.

No other company will offer the same level of safety, convenience, and entertainment. Come to Parks Mazda to be a part of the experience.

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