Mazda6 to have diesel option in US in futureThe Mazda 6, with its array of stunning color palettes and its slick, low-riding design, is already one of the sexiest choices in the Mazda lineup—and Mazda can’t wait to up the sex appeal even farther with a diesel option in North America. Unfortunately for everyone, especially us here at Parks Mazda, they’ll have to wait for a while anyways. The Mazda 6 diesel, equipped with SKYACTIV-D technology, is already sold basically around the world, but it doesn’t currently meet North American engine regulations.

But have no fear, loyal Mazda enthusiast, because Robert Davis, senior vice president of Mazda US Operations, has promised to bring the Mazda 6 diesel to the North American market. “We’re still committed to bringing diesel to North America,” says Robert Davis, senior vice president, Mazda US Operations. “It separates us from the other Japanese manufacturers and it allows us to compete with Germany near-luxury cars.” It only remains to be seen what new engine technologies will help make this happen and how long they will take to implement.

Until then, we can all dream of the deathly quiet ride and hybrid-like fuel efficiency and environmental consciousness found in the Mazda 6 diesel. We’re pretty sure this is what perfection looks like—if perfection was a car.

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