Across the globe, the new third-generation Mazda 3 has been turning plenty of heads over the past year, its first year on the market. It’s a beautiful four-door sedan, with a long, wide body to give it a sleek shape and enough advanced engine technology to put it head and shoulders above the competition. And, at least on one continent, that engine technology is now getting even more enticing.

Mazda 3 Diesel OptionIn September, turbodiesel variants of the new Mazda 3 will start rolling into Australia, adding another efficient and powerful engine option to the model’s lineup. While both of the earlier Mazda 3 generations also featured a diesel option, this model will be the first to pair its diesel engine to an automatic transmission. The diesel will be specifically a 2.2L Skyactiv-D engine, the same one housed in both the CX-5 and 6, and of course you can choose to kick it with a manual transmission if you want.

In the USA, you can grab the Mazda 3 with either a 2.0L engine or a 2.5L engine, both of which are equipped with Skyactiv technology and churn out 155 and 184 horsepower respectively. That technology helps push the Mazda 3 lineup to more efficient heights, as the sleek sedan can get up to 41 mpg highway. So, while we might not have a diesel-driven Mazda 3 here at Parks Mazda yet, there’s still plenty of inventory to admire.

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