The Mazda 3 recently received a glowing review by Forbes magazine.  Forbes found a lot to like in the Mazda 3, from its performance to its interior and exterior features.  The test-driver said that the 3 is “so good at what it does, most drivers might not even realize it.  They’ll just get in and enjoy the drive.”

For 2014, the Mazda 3 was completely revised.  It comes as either a hatchback or sedan and either one look spectacular.  Forbes says that the 3 “prompts a second and third glance back as you’re walking away from it.”  It’s about subtlety.  “Something in its curves and creases pleases the eye.”

Forbes Reviews the Mazda 3The Mazda 3 comes with one of two engine choices.  The first is the more efficient four-cylinder, putting out 155 hp.  It gets an impressive 33mpg.  The other, more powerful option is a four-cylinder that produces 185 hp.

As Forbes reviews the Mazda 3, we here at Parks Mazda are driving the real thing, and hope you come in to ride with us.

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