Choosing a New Year’s Resolution

If you didn’t do so well with 2015’s New Year’s resolution, you have another chance to take a stab at it in 2016! Whether your goal was unachievable or you simply couldn’t stick to it, it may be a good idea to start small this year. If you aren’t sure where to begin, take these ideas from us here at Parks Mazda! Happy New Year!


  • Learn a Language. Studying a new language isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but it doesn’t need to be incredibly difficult either. Sitting down and focusing on your studies for half an hour a day will result in major progress by the end of the year. You can study many languages for free online as well! So what’s stopping you?
  • Get in Shape. Before you set up that gym membership, think about whether or not you’ll be able to use it often. If not, it may not be worth the money. You can get plenty of exercise on your own. Walking every other day or going for a run is a great start to a healthy lifestyle!
  • Pick Up a Book. With the bustle of everyday life, odds are you haven’t picked up a good book recently. Change that in 2016. Dedicate yourself to reading a book a month and, once you get into the groove, increase the volume! New adventures await you in this year of opportunity!

Just make sure you stick to your regiment- that can be the most difficult part. Dedication and belief in what you’re doing are just as much your goal as the resolution itself. Once you’ve conquered one on your list- you’ll find you’ve accomplished so much more.


The 2016 CX-3 Design is Powerful and Efficient

2016 CX-3 design

Mazda is starting engine production at a new power-train plant in Thailand, which it has named the Mazda Power-train Manufacturing Company. This new production base for SKYACTIV engines was created in response to an Eco-Car program created by the Thai government, which rewards tax breaks to fuel-efficient vehicles, such as the CX-3.

Speaking of-the new 2016 CX-3 design comes with a powerful but efficient engine with the high-tech SKYACTIV system. This compact SUV is one of Mazda’s most powerful, according to Automotive World, giving drivers the perfect combination of performance and practicality.

“Mazda is committed to producing vehicles in this country at the same high-quality level as we do in Japan, and delivering to market products that offer Mazda’s unique driving pleasure, in a timely manner,” said Kiyotaka Shobuda. “In doing so, we will further contribute to the development of the Thai automotive industry and enhance the Mazda brand.”

The new manufacturing plant is designed to assist production of the new CX-3 model, starting at $19,960 MSRP in the US. It also comes with three trim selections, as well as off-road and i-ACTIVE all-wheel drive options.




Mazda Earns Three German Design Awards

German Design Awards

Mazdas are some of the most beautifully designed vehicles on the road. When a Mazda drives by, heads are sure to turn because those automobiles feature unique lines that are sure to be recognized.

According to a press release, Mazda earned three German Design Awards in three different categories. That’s impressive.

The awards, which were part of the Automotive Brand Contest, celebrate achievements in product design and integration. All seen in Mazda’s design.

Mazda’s Global Design Team received one of the awards for their excellence in achievement.

The Bike by KODO Concept also received an award for its innovative design.

Finally, the newest member of the Mazda family, the Mazda CX-3, received an award for its excellent styling, both inside and out.

“We are very excited about the awards presented to the CX-3, the Bike by KODO Concept and especially our Global Design Team,” said Ikuo Maeda, Executive Officer and Design Chief of Mazda’s Design Division. “The entire team will continue to work to create dynamic and energetic designs that will excite our customers.”

We look forward to what Mazda designs next and also remember to visit Parks Mazda, so you can schedule a test drive in one of these beautifully designed vehicles.


Win a New TV, Xbox One, and More in Mazda MX-5 Livery Design Contest

Mazda is teaming with Xbox for the second consecutive year to give Forza Horizon 2 players a chance to enter the Mazda MX-5 Livery Design Contest.

The contest will allow players to design the livery for the 1994 Mazda MX-5 currently available in-game. In March, two finalists will be awarded a trip to South by Southwest 2015 where they will compete in a final design showdown.

The winner will get a new 55-inch curved TV, audio music system, Xbox One, and MadCatz Racing Wheel—for a total estimated value of $3,500. In addition, his or her winning design will be made available as a free gift to all Xbox One and Xbox 360 users who own Forza Horizon 2.

Mazda MX-5 Livery Design Contest“In addition to shining the spotlight on the 2016 Mazda MX-5 through the partnership, we also wanted to give Forza fans a way to engage and pick up some cool prizes and see their work featured in the game,” said Russell Wager, VP of marketing, Mazda. “Fans of the Mazda MX-5 are some of the most passionate enthusiasts out there and we look forward to seeing the creativity that comes from this contest.”

For all of the instructions, check out Mazda’s press release. If it gets you excited for the new 2016 Mazda MX-5, that’s where we come in—check it out at Parks Mazda!


How to Secure a Christmas Tree to the Roof of a Car

Decorating the Christmas tree is often a beloved holiday tradition for many families. And, for those families who opt for live trees, going out and picking out the tree each year can also be a source of nostalgia and camaraderie. Unfortunately, transporting said Christmas tree home can be a nuisance. Lucky for you, we at Parks Mazda know just how to secure a Christmas Tree to the roof of a car —and we even know the best car to do it with (cough cough CX-5 cough cough).

  1. Take measurements: Be sure you know how tall of a tree you can get before you leave the house. Bring the measuring tape with you as well, so you can measure any potential winner when you get to the tree farm.
  2. Wrap the tree, if it’s not already: Most places will provide netting for your Christmas tree, but if you are going to a location that does not offer that service, you’ll need to wrap the tree on your own. Typically, tarps or large, old blankets do well. Just shake out the loose needles first.
  3. Load the tree on top of your car: Putting the stump end at the front of the roof, tied down the tree using your roof racks and bungee cords. If your car doesn’t have roof racks, you can tie it down with rope. Do this through the car doors, not the windows.
  4. Take it on home: The hard part is over. Now you’ve just got to drive home carefully without losing the tree. As a courtesy to other drivers, be sure to mark the tip of your tree with a reflective flag if it hangs over the edge of the car by more than a few inches.

How to secure a christmas tree to the roof of a carMerry Christmas from all of us at Park Mazda!


How to Pronounce Japanese Car Brands

Odds are you’ve gotten into at least one discussion about how to pronounce difficult names of car brands. For example, should you say the final “e” in Porsche, the “y” in Hyundai, and the “u” in Jaguar? The answers you’ll get will all be different depending on where you live, though at Parks Mazda our answer is “yes” to all—and we’ll give you our reasoning, too!

Porsche is a German brand and named after Ferdinand Porsche. In German, the final “e” in the name is pronounced so as to make it sound like “Porsch-uh.” Though Hyundai’s US operations is happy to make its brand name sound like “Sunday,” the Korean (and we think correct) pronunciation emphasizes the y so that it sounds more like “Hugh-un-day.” Finally, Jaguar is a British brand, and as the guys on Top Gear will be happy to remind you, it’s pronounced more like “Jag-ewer.”

But what about a name like Mazda? Simple enough, right? As we’ve just learned from a new video that shows how to pronounce Japanese car brands, we’ve been wrong all along. Most of the brands sound like you’d expect them to—Nissan, Toyota, Suzuki, and the likes—but Mazda has an curious stress on the “z” so that it almost sounds like “Ma-dzu-da.” Interesting!Japanese Car Brands Mazda Miata MX-5

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