Best Things to Do in Winston Salem


Winston Salem is a charming little town just 20 minutes away from Parks Select. With its long, rich history and prime position near the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains, Winston Salem is the perfect place for a day trip. Here are some of our favorite things to do in Winston Salem.

West End Historic District

Things to do in Winston Salem - West End Historic District

History buffs should visit this historic neighborhood full of old structures that tell the story of the city’s past.

 Black Mountain Chocolate Factory

Things to do in Winston Salem - Black Mountain Chocolate Factory

Chocolate buffs, on the other hand, should visit the Black Mountain Chocolate Factory. Take a self-guided tour to learn how chocolates are made from start to finish and partake in a taste test at the end.

Reynolda House Museum of American Art

Things to do in Winston Salem - Reynolda House Museum of American Art

If you’re looking for an art-filled afternoon, this is an excellent place to stop. You’ll find rotating exhibitions as well as permanent ones. This is also a great chance to get a closer look at old, southern architecture since this museum has been put assembled in an old period mansion.

Segway Tour

Things to do in Winston Salem - Segway Tour

Hop aboard the 21st century and see the city through a guided tour on a segway run by Triad ECO Adventures. Hear a little about the history and the present while gliding through the area and getting a feel for what this city has to offer.


Best Things to Do in Greensboro


At Parks Select we consider ourselves lucky to be centrally located to some of North Carolina’s coolest up-and-coming towns, like Greensboro. There are so many things to do in Greensboro, we never get tired of visiting. Here are some of our favorite places to stop.


Things to Do in Greensboro - Elsewhere

At first Elsewhere might just look like an eccentric, messy thrift store–and, it once was. But, now it’s so much more, acting as an interactive museum and a sort of nucleus for some of the city’s quirkiest art scenes. Stop in to see what collaborative work artists have been doing.

Tate Street Coffee House

Things to Do in Greensboro - Tate Street Coffee House

One of the things that makes Greensboro so up and coming is its college life. This coffee shop is located right next to UNC Greensboro and is always abuzz with young students and intellectuals. Come in during the week for fun people watching, or on the weekends for live jazz and wine tastings.

Greensboro Natural Science Center

Things to Do in Greensboro - Things to Do in Greensboro

One stop here can mean anything from a day at the zoo, a visit to the aquarium, or an educational experience at a natural science museum. Families and children of all ages will love the interactive learning opportunities.


How Long Can You Drive on a Spare Tire

How Long Can You Drive on a Spare Tire?
Spare Tires Are Not The Same As Regular Tires


You know how to switch out a flat tire for your spare, but how long can you drive on a spare tire? Is it urgent to go out and buy a new one? Your owner’s manual will tell you to put a new tire on as soon as possible, but is that really necessary?

Is It Necessary To Get A New Tire ASAP?

Short answer: yes. You can drive on the spare tire, sure, but doing it for long creates more problems than it solves. Temporary tires are made smaller and narrower than regular tires to save cargo space and put less weight in your vehicle, which means a few things.

Is My Spare The Same?

For starters, they aren’t as strong as your regular tires. They’re easier to puncture and don’t corner as well, which puts you at risk of another flat or even an accident. If your spare tire goes flat, you’re going to end up wasting money on a tow.

Secondly, the tire is smaller, which means you have less contact with the ground and the traction is reduced, which also makes your brakes and traction control systems work less efficiently. Especially in cold and snowy weather, this puts your safety at risk.

How Far Can I Drive?

You can drive on a spare donut tire for as far as 50 miles, but try to get yourself a new tire or get the old one patched as soon as possible for your own safety and to save money in the long run.


Road Trip Fun for Your Next Vacation

Mazda2 - High Point, NC
Games can be a great way to pass the time on long road trips!

Road trips can be a fun way to spend time with family, but they can also be stressful, long, and uncomfortable. To keep things on the positive side, here are some suggestions for road trip fun you can try on your next family vacation.

  • Travel Bingo. Buy a set of these classic cards and keep the kids occupied for a good stretch of road. Kids as young as 3 should be able to play along.
  • AquaDoodle. This mess-free activity uses only water. Your kids draw some of the exciting things they hope to see and do while on vacation.
  • Travel Memory. This game comes with bungee-hinge doors that can’t get lost or come loose in the car. And, you can slip in new cards to keep the game fresh.
  • Hangman. For older kids who know how to spell, try the travel version of this classic game. The letters are attached with bungees and it comes with an attached dry erase market.
  • Boggle. This updated version of the game keeps the letter locked in tight and includes a built-in timer. It is geared towards kids ages 10 and up.
  • TableTopics. This game includes 135 cards with great questions, ranging from funny to thought-provoking. They are sure to get some conversation started while on the road.

Are you going to get any of these games for your next road trip?


Fun Vacations in the Snow

winter - High Point, NC
Don’t let the snow get you down – there’s still plenty of fun to be had during winter!

While a lot of people stereotypically imagine a vacation as laying on white sandy beaches under the hot sun, summertime beaches are not the only vacation spot. If you have any vacation time this winter, here are some great ideas for vacations in the snow.

  • Crystal Mountain Resort. Head to Thompsonville, Michigan to stay at this beautiful resort. Here you can learn to ski, or just enjoy some of the numerous free or inexpensive snow activities.
  • Trapp Family Lodge, Vermont. This Austrian-inspired lodge was founded by the Von Trapp family of The Sound of Music You can enjoy charming, classic, family fun with homemade cider, snowshoeing, snow forts, and sing-alongs.
  • Woodloch Pines. For some winter fun that doesn’t include skiing, visit this all-inclusive resort in Hawley, Pennsylvania. Here you can enjoy plenty of snowy activities, such as sledding, outdoor family Olympics, scavenger hunts, and more.
  • Omni Mount Washington. Located in Brettonwoods, New Hampshire, this resort is the place to go if you want to teach your kids how to ski. Located just two minutes away from the resort is the Hobbit Ski and Snowboard School. Here, they offer instruction for kids and even childcare for kids as young as two months.

Are you planning on winter vacations in the snow this year?


3 Easy Steps to Help Organize Your Car

organize your car

In this fast-paced world, there isn’t always time to get the things done that we want to get done. A prime example of that is organization. Whether it’s your desk, room, or car, it can be difficult to stay on top of it. Here’s how to organize your car so that you have one less worry.


1) Section Off Your Trunk


Trunks of cars are a lot like closets. People just throw their junk in the trunk and then forget about it. Instead, find some organizers to put in your trunk so that you can organize all of the stuff that you put back there.


2) Organize Your Glove Box


Do you have a bunch of papers and napkins strewn about in your glove box? Use folders to organize everything in there so that you don’t have to search and search the next time that you need to find something.


3) Re-Purpose Old Items


If you have a lot of small things sitting around your car, get creative with ways to organize everything. One example would be to repurpose a remote control caddy that you no longer use. You can strap it to the back of the seat and put your little items in it.


If you’re willing to get a little creative, you’ll surprise yourself with what you come up with.

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